Music aficionados of any genre, would you like to be featured in Hitsvilly? We are looking for diverse opinions and clear, engaging writing. If you're passionate about your subject matter, all the better! Hitsvilly's staff is opinionated by nature, because we care about music, and we enjoy introducing new music to our readers.

Love to write, but don't have an outlet? Well, here it is.

What we'd like to see:

  • New bands or individual performers that excite you
  • An album release that's slid under the radar
  • A performer from any era who is worth taking a second listen to
  • A treatise on the current state of (any genre of) music
  • Anything else that strikes your musical heart

Our requirements:

  • Relevant to any genre of music, with the exception of hip-hop
  • Written in fluent English with no spelling or grammatical errors
  • Ready for publication (no editing required by staff)
  • Original content only
  • Word count is not a concern. If your article is compelling, Hitsvilly has the space to accommodate it (but not book-length, please. Amazon KDP is the place for that.)
  • Reach out to us with your proposal via our contact page. If accepted, an email address will be provided for you to send your article via a Word doc (only)

Our commitment:

  • You as the author will be tagged on your post and Hitsvilly will promote your article on social media.
  • While we can't offer monetary compensation, this is an opportunity to be read. After that, it's all up to you! 


Hitsvilly's staff is bare bones (can you tell?), but we're looking to expand our horizons, and you can help make that happen. We aim to be the go-to place for folks who want to widen their musical knowledge and appreciation.

Join us!