Well, who's this guy? And where's he been while all of us were hungering for actual country music?

I wouldn't have even known Jake Worthington existed if I wasn't a regular reader of Saving Country Music (thank you, Trigger). It seems that Jake got his "break" appearing on one of those awful reality competition shows, The Voice. But that was ten years ago, and he didn't even win. (I guess the days of true talent, like Carrie Underwood, winning singing competitions died in 2005.) Granted, according to the one YouTube video I sampled from his appearance on that show, he clearly didn't have "the look" of a star, but he still had the voice. What he obviously needed was a bit of seasoning and some really good songs. 

Well, here it is, all wrapped up in an astounding package:

"State You Left Me In" is such a great song, I had to look up the writer(s). And what do you know? Jake co-wrote the song, along with Roger Springer and Timothy Baker (I won't bore you with my pet peeve regarding the number of writers it takes to pen a song today). 

So, he can write, and his voice is Mark Chesnutt-timeless. 

I pray that this guy makes some waves on country radio, but I'm just cynical enough to avoid holding my breath. Regardless, Jake Worthington will have a career, and a nice one. 

He deserves it.

(Sample Jake's complete self-titled album here.)