Spotify does have its limitations ~ or better said, not all artists (or their estates) make all their music available to the service. Worse yet, one must be careful ~ many singles have been re-recorded!  That's anathema to music purists. We did our best to avoid those.

Thus, this playlist is necessarily incomplete. We at Hitsvilly would be remiss, however, if we didn't include one of our very favorite 1970's singles, so courtesy of The Marty Stuart Show, enjoy this video:

We could simply list all the best country singles of the seventies, but that would be a daunting task. Therefore, we have a playlist! Granted, Hitsvilly's editors have their musical biases, but we tried to be magnanimous in including tracks that many, many people love ~ just not necessarily us. Those singles that are blatantly pop (looking at you, Kenny Rogers) don't claim a spot on our playlist. Inevitably, we've missed some deserving tracks. Please let us know if you find any glaring errors. In the meantime, we hope you'll rediscover some forgotten gems.


 Hitsvilly Staff